photo by Jukka Rajala-Granstubb

photo by Jukka Rajala-Granstubb

Compromise Formation

For Freud, a symptom, or a dream, is a compromise formation. Neither the libidinal drive nor the repression of the ego wins, but rather the two press up against each other and the stuff of satisfaction gets squashed out through the side, like toothpaste. That is what this website is—the squashed-out stuff—a compromise formation.

Here in the public sphere, the land of the internet, my two “professions” collide. As a dancer and performance artist it was my aim to be visible, exposed, and naked (at times literally)—to draw attention to myself and to be seen. As a psychoanalyst I have to be careful what I show. While it is impossible to be a pristine blank slate, I'm still hesitant to impose too much of myself on my patients. At the same time, I'm resistant to delete my performance self completely.

Apart from the dilemma—to show or not to show—I believe that these things go quite well together: the practice of psychoanalysis, dance, performance art, life… always shifting, shaping and reshaping, trailing the elusive, driven by curiosity and desire.

The compromise formation, that is this web space, holds my performance archive, a blog for musing about psychoanalysis and things, and announcements for possible upcoming performances—perpetually in progress and always in flux.

Thanks for visiting.

Julie Fotheringham





photo by Chris Carlone